I speak clearly to technical and non-technical users

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I help software and technology companies write SEO rich content and UX copy that helps them connect with businesses and end-users. 

Software and technology companies often struggle with finding dependable writers who already have relevant SEO, technology, and UX copy experience. Finding a writer who understands how to navigate technology and how people use their technology is difficult. Even harder is finding a writer who has real-world experience with writing about technology, writing training material, and incorporating both SEO strategies and UX copy principles. 

This is where I can help you! 

Hi, I’m Jan Davis. I help software and technology companies write marketing and content copy using SEO and UX best practices that enable you to connect with businesses and end-users who need your products.  

Unlike most copywriters, I was a software trainer for 22 years which included technical writing, documentation, course creation, and UX writing and testing. I understand the technical aspects of software applications from development to end-user. This knowledge lets me communicate persuasively with technical and non-technical decision-makers alike. 

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